2nd Annual Resistol Rookie Roundup a Sellout Success

The Resistol Rookie Roundup where rookies today become world champions tomorrow.

For the second year in a row, Resistol in partnership with the Cowboy Channel, hosted the Resistol Rookie Roundup presented by the Cowboy Channel in the historic Stockyards Coliseum. Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Rookies– their first year as PRCA card holders– competed for $100,000 in prize money with all of their entry fees paid.  It heats up the Rookie Race, as each is vying for the coveted Resistol Rookie of the Year title presented during the NFR in December.

“It’s an event just for the rookies,” said Ty Pope, the Kansas bareback riding Rookie and brother to World Champion, Jess Pope. “All of these kids get to showcase their talents in front of everybody. We have a really strong rookie class and it helps out everybody to get a little spotlight.”

Jeff Medders, the National Rodeo Hall of Fame inductee and television host, described them as rookies today and world champions tomorrow.

The event kicked off Thursday, April 27th, at 9 a.m. in the beautiful Cowboy Channel studios in Fort Worth. Contestants spent the day filming for the Cowboy Channel with hosts Justin McKee, Katy Lucas and Hailey Frederiksen. Each contestant had the opportunity to go through media training and be interviewed on camera.  The contestants were grouped by rodeo event and were mentored by top rodeo athletes including Trevor Brazile, Joe Beaver, Tuff Hedeman, Clayton Sellars, Madison Outhier, Jimmie Monroe and Clint Summers. The goal is to better educate and prepare rookies for their rodeo career ahead.

“If you start riding bulls good, there’s going to be a lot more interviews,” said TJ Schmidt, a bull riding Rookie from South Dakota. “I mean getting on bulls is the easy part, doing the interviews is the hard stuff. You don’t think about the lights when you’re riding a bull, but when you’re sitting there staring at them, it’s hard to ignore them.”

On Friday, April 28th, cowboy Channel reporter, Katy Lucas, walked contestants through “Interview Basics.” Cowboy Channel host, Justin McKee, followed with a presentation on “Storytelling,” how to tell their individual narrative. Brett Nierengarten, the Cowboy Channel Editor-in-Chief, wrapped up with “Social Media Basics.”

All of these activities were intended to set contestants up for success in their career in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.  It helps them learn to make sponsorship deals and accomplish rewarding interviews.

“It’s a cool experience since we’re all so young, we’re new to ProRodeo (PRCA), and especially since breakaway is new to it in general. It’s a great experience for all of us– with the interviews and learning how to do things better, so we look better out there,” says Quincy Sullivan, the Resistol Rookie Roundup Breakaway Roping Champion.

Quincy Sullivan won the breakaway with a 3.0-second run in the shootout final round. She is vying for the Resistol Rookie of the Year title in two events– breakaway roping and barrels racing.

All 15 contestants competed in the Friday night rodeo. The top eight moved on to Saturday, where the final four competed in a sudden-death shootout to name the champions.

The crowned winners include Keenan Hayes in bareback riding, Cash Robb in steer wrestling, Garret Long in saddle bronc riding, Quincy Sullivan in breakaway roping, Cole Thomas and Kaden Profili in team roping, Brayden Roe in tie down roping, Kalli McCall in barrel racing, and Tieler Cummings in bull riding.

“Just being able to go more places, you get more experience and that makes you better. The more you go, the better you get,” said Kenzie Kelton, recent Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping Champion and breakaway roping Rookie. “It’s great that we all get to compete against each other and have people that are better than us against us, it makes us better.”

The contestants will spend their summers competing in the Rookie Race, trying their hand at the Rookie of the Year title– a title with only one shot.

“You wanna be the Resistol Rookie of the Year. That’s the ultimate goal,” TJ Schmidt said in an interview for the Cowboy Channel.

Resistol is looking forward to crowning the 2023 year end champions in Las Vegas with an awards luncheon at the South Point Hotel and Casino on December 12, 2023 and awarding their buckles in Round 6 of the NFR.   Stay tuned to the Cowboy Channel’s Western Sports Roundup all year long as they keep everyone up to date on the Resistol Rookie Race!